What is Earthify?

Earthify, think green live green, is an attempt to educate and raise awareness about sustainable living.

Environment degradation has emerged as one of the major challenges of the 21st century. There is mounting evidence about how the exploitation of earth’s finite resources post the industrialization era and the resulting consumerist lifestyle has triggered climate change, caused global warming and has resulted in extreme weather events around the globe. The unsustained growth has not just caused ecological damage but has resulted in increased poverty and injustice.

Man made disasters have increased in frequency and intensity over recent years. Massive deforestation, mining, polluted waters, biodiversity loss has displaced many primitive populations around the world and cause civil unrest. Ecological damage is not just an environment issue but has political and economic ramifications. The recent report by the United Nations’ IPCC (Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change) warns of “severe, pervasive and irreversible” damage if corrective action is not taken sooner.

We owe it to the future generations and to the planet to explore sustainable lifestyles that would acknowledge the interconnectedness between humans and nature at all levels. In simple words, sustainable living would mean shifting to a renewable energy based, reuse recycle economy with fundamental changes in lifestyle that differentiates between wants and needs. Besides political will and institutional mechanisms designed at the global level, adopting sustainable living practices at the individual level is essential to preserve the future of humanity and innumerable species that inhabit this planet.

Earthify aims to:
- Educate and raise awareness about the concept of Sustainable Living.
- Motivate individuals to get familiar with and adopt sustainable living practices.
- Encourage individuals to reduce their carbon footprint and take ecologically informed decisions as consumers.

Besides serving as an online resource guide for green living and connecting individuals and innovations, Earthify would reach out to children through creative animations and short videos that would address the gap in the school curriculum about environment issues. Earthify believes that any momentum towards sustainable living would require that young minds understand the gravity of the issue and be active participants in the process.

Join us in our endeavor towards a greener earth … Earthify, think green live green.

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Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living
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