Are we living in Garb Age?

Disposing The Garbage Properly? Here’s How!

Garbage is just that- you want to get rid of it at the earliest and the sooner, the better. But in your hurry do not forget that if you dispose garbage improperly, it can very well pollute the Earth, just as it is polluting your home right now.

At the outset, understand that garbage is of myriad different types such as decomposable waste, e-waste, metal waste, rubber waste and the biggest quantity of them all, plastic waste. Also, know that these different types of garbage decompose at different rates. For example, decomposable wastes may degrade in about a month, whereas plastic can take as long as half a millennium to decay.

Moreover, when the landfills reek with mounting city garbage every day, it leads to copious generation of methane- a greenhouse gas. Another greenhouse gas generated when you incarcerate the waste is carbon dioxide. In light of this, how do you dispose garbage properly so that it has a minimal impact on the environment? Read on.

Sort the garbage – As a first step, sort the garbage into different bins at home such as the vegetable wastes, recyclable wastes and reusable wastes that each can be disposed differently.

Resell the reusable wastes – Instead of simply dumping the reusable wastes such as old toys, books, appliances, electronics and clothing somewhere, consider reselling them. Think of also exchanging old stuff for new ones at retail stores.

Recycle – Next, take the efforts to go to the nearest recycling center in your area and recycle waste such as e-waste, metal waste, paper, glass, plastic and even construction debris. If your locality has a recyclable pick-up, leave it in appropriately labeled bins outside your home.

Compost vegetable wastes – Vegetable wastes typically constitute the food and garden garbage generated on a daily basis. For these, dig a compost pit in your backyard and use the garbage-turned-compost as a natural fertilizer for your garden.

Let the garbage collectors do their job – Importantly, do not dump garbage in drains and on the ground somewhere, anywhere. Instead, put them in a trash bag and leave it outside for the garbage collectors to dump it in the right place.

Also, reduce the use of plastic for disposing waste.

Dispose garbage properly and prevent Planet Earth from becoming one large smelly cesspool.

by Dr.Shubha Gulkotwar

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